Finding And Processing File In Unix

file processing - Finding And Processing File In Unix


Linux operating system use files to represent the details of user and system info. Locate is a command that is used to find the file by their file name. It is a lighting past command because there is a background process that runs on our system to the existing file from the system database. We use -i case to ignore the case of a file name.


Locate -option file name


locate -i abc↵

NOTE:- We can also use the wildcard with the file name.


Find is one of the powerful utility of Unix (or Linux) used for searching the files in a directory hierarchy.


find [pathnames] [conditions]

Find And Logical Operation:

find and process file in unix
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Linux system provides the different logical operator to find the files from database related operations.

1. -not:

This operator identifies those content which is available in existing location.

2. -O:

It process to search the contents in multiple locations.


find name anna -o name Kanna

find name anna -not name Kanna

Find & Permission:

The file can find on the base of file permission. We use -perm option to search the file with permission and permission define with numeric form.


find -perm 777↵

Find & Numeric:

Find can search your system for files that comply with certain numeric criteria such as the size of the file(-size), the number of links to the file(-links) the date of the last change to the file’s data, (-mtime), date of the last change to the file’s metadata(-ctime) or the date of the last time the file was read(-atime).

Find & Access Time:

Find can match by inode timestamps. Such as

-atime when the file was last read.

-mtime when file data last changed.

-ctime when file data or metadata last changed.

Executing Command With Find:

Using the -exec or -ok options with find to execute a command once for each file that matches the given criteria. This is commonly used for things like removing files or renaming files that have a certain extension.

Gnome Search Tool:

Linux operating system provides us a method to manage the finding process with graphical tools. It means it provides buttons text board, liable etc to define the content with searching.

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